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Acoustical wall carpet from Southland Floors

Get those images of orange shag climbing up the studio walls where the Stones or Earth, Wind & Fire are recording out of your mind. Acoustical wall carpet has evolved like the rest of us, now it is purpose-built for environments where acoustics matter.

When to use acoustical wall carpet

Commercial applications of acoustical wall carpet can be fashion forward as well as sound absorptive. Sound recording studios, rehearsal halls, musical venues, anywhere sound above normal conversation is made, use acoustical wall carpet to produce pure, uncluttered sound or to keep the cacophony of modern life at bay.

Homeowners embracing the soaring ceilings and beautiful hard surface floors that are the hallmarks of current interior design, often find that noise accompanies their design choices. Sounds from outside and within the house bounce off all the surfaces, increasing the overall constant noise, day in day out. Add in family life that involves aspiring musicians, children and teenagers acting their age, and situation there’s a situation waiting for a solution.
Acoustic Wall Carpet in Pompano, FL from Southland Floors

Acoustical wall carpet selections

Southland Floors provides acoustic solutions that give retailers the tools to resolve customers’ noise control challenges. Sound controlling wall carpet runs the gamut from custom-made, studio specific products that manipulate sound within a certain pitch, to wall carpet that diminishes overall noise, allowing aural space to think, to converse or to play or listen to music without competing for bandwidth.

Selling points for acoustical wall carpet

Wall carpet is a category unfamiliar to most homeowners and many specifiers. Once known, benefits of the category do the selling; they include:
  • Increased contentment with living/workspace – go ahead and make the noise you want to without disturbing your neighbors
  • Economical – alternatives, like upholstering a wall or ordering custom panels, are prohibitively expensive
  • Wow factor – let’s face it, there’s nothing wrong with a subtle homage to Austin Powers
  • Stress reduction – keep out unwanted acoustical intrusions