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The appeal of SONO flooring

SONO flooring isn’t just for the homeowner who lives in a flood-prone zone, although it is a good placement. These floors are handy in a variety of situations, even if just to provide an extra layer of peace of mind. In addition to being impervious to water, these floors offer elegant beauty, timeless appeal, and enough variety to be used in every room in the home. More than that, the lifespan in most of these products makes them cost-efficient, considering all the details.


SONO flooring is available in many materials with many benefits

When a homeowner is in need of SONO flooring, there are several options they can go with, especially if they are open to materials that aren’t considered mainstream. While luxury vinyl planks and tile, porcelain tile, and some natural stone offer great options, so do materials like rubber flooring. With so much to choose from, and so many appearance options available, it’s easy to meet the needs with regard to interior design and decor.
Waterproof flooring in Pompano Beach, FL from Southland Floors
SONO flooring offers complete imperviousness to water, so it’s an excellent product for basements, laundry rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and more. In these spaces, these materials can provide the benefits they’re known for, but they’re also well placed in other spaces as well. In living rooms, hallways, and even private spaces such as bedrooms and home offices, they’re excellent for those mishaps that are known to happen when you least expect them.

For commercial settings, a product with SONO attributes as well as high durability and longevity can go a long way. Again, a longer lifespan makes a more expensive upfront cost much more affordable than other options purchased more often.

It’s important to remember, as well, that professional installation is always recommended with waterproof flooring. This not only assures a successful installation but also ensures there will be no breach of warranty with the manufacturer.


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