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Floor moldings from Southland Floors

Floor moldings bridge surfaces, from floor to wall, from floor to stair, from floor to floor. Well-chosen and expertly installed floor moldings complement the floor. Poorly thought-out or non-existent floor molding makes even the finest floor, beautifully installed look incomplete.

Since floor moldings are visible to the customer, selecting the molding is less a leap of faith than choosing an adhesive.

Selecting floor moldings

The style and size of moldings is a personal choice. A retailer can encourage and direct a customer, but in the end, the selection must please the customer. Some aesthetic rules of thumb to remember when advising on moldings include

  • Keep baseboard moldings in the range of 7 percent of the ceiling height
  • Door casings work well at 50 percent of the baseboard’s height
  • Molding doesn’t have to exactly match from room to room, a common height and color keeps the look flowing rather than hodge-podge
Floor Moldings in Pompano, FL from Southland Floors

Floor-to-floor trim moldings

Unless two adjoining floors abut seamlessly, a transition piece of molding makes the changeover pleasing and possibly safe from tripping, too. Even if the two floors meet perfectly, a trim piece of molding will keep the edges from lifting and becoming unsightly and unsafe. Some examples of floor to floor and floor to stair moldings include

  • Micro-threshold molding –used where hard surface flooring meets carpet
  • Multi-purpose reducer–used where hard surface flooring meets another flooring surface, hard-surface, resilient, carpet
  • T-molding –used to finish the join between two hard surface floors
  • Flush stair nose and Step nose –used on stairs, steps, and landings

When moldings are presented along with the flooring, rather than an afterthought, customers can visualize how well the new floor will integrate with the rest of the house. Pre-primed wood, vinyl, and rubber molding are the details that finish a room and boost customer satisfaction.

Flush Stairnose