Hard surface underlayment


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Southland Floors offers hard surface underlayment

Underlayment is unseen, nestled beneath the beautiful aesthetics of modern flooring. Although unseen, underlayment does a yeoman’s work, completing the aesthetics of the surface with high-functioning properties.

Some floors come with the underlayment attached, others use a separate layer. Depending on the installation, a contractor may opt to use the second skin of underlayment if the primary layer comes attached to the material. It’s a matter of tailoring the underlayment to the expected performance of the product

Types of underlayment

Southland Floors carries underlayments that address the general application and specific needs; underlayments offered include
  • Foam underlayment –a thin continuous layer of foam, usually 1/8” thick, with no vapor/moisture barrier; provides marginal sound reduction and can remedy slight flaws in the subfloor
  • Combination underlayment –a foam underlayment with a moisture barrier on the back that prevents moisture from seeping up through the underlayment to the laminate; seams need to be sealed giving uniform protection to the laminate; minor noise abatement properties
  • Acoustical—noise dampening underlayment –used to diminish the hollow sound associated with walking over a laminate floor installed with an entry-level underlayment; cork and felt are often used with a moisture barrier frequently incorporated into the underlayment
  • Vinyl-backed tile underlayment –offers a simple installation combined with noise-proofing; for a complete moisture barrier, all the seams of the tiles need to be sealed
Hard Surface Underlayment in Pompano, FL from Southland Floors

Selling points of underlayment

Because it is underneath the main show –the floor –there can be push back against purchasing an underlayment that meets the needs of the installation. Southland Floors carries a selection of underlayments, in a range of price points that meet the needs of demanding customers. After 40+ years in business, we know how to cut through the clutter of products and offer the best in every category to retailers.

When addressing the purchasing of underlayments, the following points resonate with customers. Underlayments provide:
  • Moisture protection
  • Sound absorption
  • Insulation
  • Anti-microbial properties
Given the favorable overall cost of laminate flooring, underlayments are a wise investment leading to higher customer satisfaction.