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Southland Floors carries carpet cushion to meet the needs of residential and commercial applications

The selection of cushions correlates to the requirements of the carpets represented in Southland Floors’showroom.

Carpet manufacturers are specific about the use of carpet cushion to keep wear-and lifetime warranties in play. Old corner-cutting tricks, like increasing pile height to eliminate using a cushion, have been rejected because:

1. They may be effective on an extremely short term basis, with the carpet wearing out prematurely
2. Such practices are in violation of and invalidate manufacturers warranties, leaving customers no redress except with the retailer which is untenable.

Benefits of carpet cushion

By adding cushion to carpeting, the result is greater than the whole. Selling points for carpet cushion include:
  • Carpet cushion extends the life of the carpet
  • Correct cushioning fulfills manufacturers’warranties
  • Carpet cushion cuts down on noise, both transmitted and received–deadening noises from neighbors and outside, like traffic
  • Cushion reduces foot fatigue by absorbing the impact of each footfall
  • Carpet cushion has significant heat insulation advantages, contributing to the overall energy efficiency of the space
Cushion in Pompano, FL from Southland Floors

Residential carpet cushion

Homeowners like to spend their flooring budget where it shows. Southland Floorsworks with our retail clients to make sure that carpet cushion is a part of every transaction by providing quality products at affordable price points. Retailers selling directly to homeowners find that including cushioning in the conversation from the beginning, promotes greater understanding and acceptance of the need for carpet cushion.

Commercial carpet cushion

Southland Floorscarries carpet cushions that meet the demands of specifiers. We carry cushion products that can be used in LEED-certified installations, heavy traffic corridors, optimal maintenance practices etc. Whatever the need your carpet customer has, Southland Floors has a selection of carpet cushions for you to recommend.