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Popular laminate selling points

The attributes that come along with laminate flooring make it an easy sell, especially for those who prefer a number of benefits across a variety of preferences and requirements. This material meets many needs, all in one product, as well as offering a lifespan that makes it appealing as well. When consumers are having a tough time settling on the perfect floor covering for their home or business, a few important facts can be all it takes to help them secure their focus. We’d like to give you a few of them now.


Laminate and all it has to offer

Those familiar with Formica countertops will have a better idea of what laminate flooring can be like. Offering strong, trustworthy durability it can withstand everyday wear and tear as well as gouging and scratches. Even when things have to be moved across these floors, they remain remarkably unscathed and gorgeous, making it an excellent floor covering for many locations. This same durability can be a lifesaver for spaces where foot traffic and activity levels are higher than normal.
Modern laminate flooring in Jacksonville, FL from Southland Floors
For a quick and worry-free installation, this material can easily be installed over many different sub-floors or existing floors. Installing over wood and concrete are both acceptable, as are a variety of other materials. The click and lock system helps with a quick installation and can easily be installed over an underlayment as well. An underlayment can add a bit of resilience, warmth, and even noise reduction, giving this hard surface flooring a bit of a soft surface appeal.

Laminate easily resists fading, allowing it to maintain its original color, making it perfect for any space that sees a lot of sunlight. In much the same way, moisture is also resisted, leaving floors with absolutely no water rings or spots, even after your guests come in and out during rain.

All these advantages come together to create a floor covering that’s easy to maintain.