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Static Dissipative Tile from Southland Floors

Static dissipative tile (SDT) grounds naturally occurring static electricity before it can inflict mayhem on sensitive electronic equipment and devices.

Uses for static dissipative tile

SDT’s are appropriate for computer rooms and suites, laboratories, surgical suites where a spark from static electricity can ignite the volatile gases; electronics assembly facilities, clean rooms, etc. any application that requires a static-free environment.

The tile portion of the SDT system looks similar to a VCT-tile and can be installed in attractive patterns and designs.

Selling points for static dissipative tiles

  1. SDT’s meet federal and industry standards for electrical resistance
  2. Resistant to assaults from laboratory chemicals and compounds
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Hard wearing
  5. Reduce potential for catastrophic accidents
  6. Low VOC ratings
Static Dissipative Tile in Pompano, FL from Southland Floors

Assistance for static dissipative tile customers

Southland Floors makes our commercial/industrial sector leaders available to our customers and to their customers. Intense familiarity and knowledge of the product combined with a hands-on approach to working through the details of the installation with the end-user ranks Southland Floors’ SDT team at the top of the industry.

A premium product backed up by sector-specific support, gives Southland Floors and retailers the advantage to providing static dissipative tiles to a growing market.